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“Freshman in the Kitchen” –

"Freshman in the Kitchen"
Combining a wide range of cooking experiences from summer camps to upscale dining establishments with a longtime love for food, co-authors and brothers Eli

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Molalla Adult Community Center’s kitchen and dining hall now bear … – Molalla Pioneer

Molalla Adult Community Center's kitchen and dining hall now bear
Molalla Pioneer
Dozens of friends, co-workers, relatives and community members showed up to witness the city's christening of the Sandi Livesay Memorial Kitchen and Hall in

ANN VOGEL | In the Kitchen South of the Border Dining Made Easy – Kitsap Sun

ANN VOGEL | In the Kitchen South of the Border Dining Made Easy
Kitsap Sun
Find this story interesting? If so, please click "Buzz up" to share it with others on Yahoo! Buzz. When my sister and parents visited last month,

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Koolatron Compact Kooler

Price : $84.95 AverageRating : 4.0 Reviews : 42
The Koolatron P20 Compact 12V Cooler from Koolatron was specially designed to fit in those tight spaces between and behind the seats of your car, van or truck. A 12-Volt cooling unit plugs into your vehicles cigarette lighter. Koolatron P20 compact cooler can be set to keep your food up to 40°C colder than the outside temperature.
The Compact Cooler has a capacity of 18 quarts, enough space to hold 23 12 oz. soft drink cans. Its latch-less lid can be opened with one hand and also features a swinging foldaway handle for easy carrying. Other features include a unique cord wrap, lighter storage spot and interior fan.
The 12v Compact Cooler can be plugged into any vehicle cigarette lighter providing 12 Volts DC, or converted to operate on 110V or 220V AC with an AC Adapter (sold separately).

Power Wheels battery charger, 6 volt, 4AH, for blue battery.

Price : $16.49 AverageRating : 5.0 Reviews : 2
Power Wheels 4AH battery charger. Fits only small vehicles using the small blue 4AH battery. Fits only small vehicles using the small blue 4AH battery.Great product. Was exactly what we needed to replace our missing charger. Product arrived in timely fashion. Would buy from this seller again.

Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover

Price : $15.95 AverageRating : 4.0 Reviews : 42
Bothered by water spots on your windshield, dangerous road film, or silicone buildup on your auto glass? Are your household windows stained and spotted from sprinklers? Spot-X Hard Water Stain & Spot Remover cleans stubborn stains from your vehicle or home glass.

Whether the water stains are caused by acid rain, salt water, road grime, sprinklers or well water, Spot X Glass cleaner will work, we guarantee it. While SpotX cannot be used on auto paint, it will not harm the paint if it gets on it. Simply rinse off with water.

Household windows are just as easy. Can be used on porcelain. Remove hard water stain rings in toilets, light rust on porcelain sinks and tubs. Removes built up soap scum. Spot-X has protective qualities and once used the water will sheet off instead of beading off whi

Villainous Vivi: school
I took down part of our kitchen cabinets earlier today, which really opened up the kitchen to the dining room. It works nicely for letting in more light, and I really like the look. Next up, I’m going to be cleaning off an old medicine …

Everlasting Fun Ball Large 4 Inch
Everlasting Treat Ball is a long-lasting, edible dog chew toy that relieves boredom and: Everlasting Fun Ball Large: Kitchen & Dining. Everlasting Fun Ball Item # 311400 |. Triple Crown Everlasting Fun Ball for Dogs (medium 2. …

kitchen geeking: A Simple Meal for a New Kitchen
I love fine dining, and even recreating it in my kitchen from time to time. But a Monday night when it’s me and the new blinds I have to install? No, no fine dining. Just good food. G’nite y’all. More (HappyHappyJoyJoy) soon. …