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Baby Einstein – Discovering Shapes

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A playful introduction to five basic shapes!
– Introduces circles, ovals, triangles, squares and rectangles
– Presents shapes within the context of your baby’s world

As babies develop, their understanding of the world, and how its pieces “fit” together, continues to progress. DISCOVERING SHAPES playfully introduces five basic forms circle, oval, triangle, square and rectangle as each appears in the context of toys, nature and everyday objects. We’ve added adorable puppet shows; silly sound effects; happy, busy babies and captivating real-world imagery accompanied by beautiful classical music to provide a delightful sensory experience. So whether your baby plays along by bouncing a ball, watching eggs hatch, building with blocks, or tracing the outline of a checkerboard, you’

Baby Einstein (W/CD) [VHS]

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Baby Einstein Language Nursery Video The Baby Einstein Language Nursery video acquaints your baby with the sounds of foreign language. The Language Nursery video presents delightful, visually stimulating images accompanied by spoken passages, natural sounds and music. The Language Nursery video includes nursery rhymes sung by mothers in their native languages of English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. The Language Nursery teaches both children and parents the joys of learning another language. Features words in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese and more Includes parents guide to video Enhances motor skills Length of DVD: 62 minutes Length of VHS: 30 Minutes

Bottlenec’ks’ and Beddin’ Areas’

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Bowhunting to harvest the elusive Whitetail has rapidly become the dream of literally thousands of hunters. In Bottlenecks and Beddin’ Areas you can watch as the reoccuring dream unfolds for veteran bowhunters Jay Gregory and Don Kisky. Utilize your stealth and woodwise skills along with Don as he stalks up on a magnificent 8pt. buck lying in it’s bed, on his way to the stand for an evening hunt. (Yes believe it when you see it!) Live through a lengthy season with Jay as he experiences the tribulations of missed opportunities. The overwhelming knowledge and savvy that Jay has about hunting a bottleneck or a bedding area requires fortitude and persistence. Jay is relentless until finally connecting with a massive 8 pointer. Two newcomers explode into the action, by harvesting bucks that the

Tips for finding the right towel – Dallas Morning News
Tips for finding the right towel
Dallas Morning News
People sell pretty expensive towels that are pretty bad," says Tom Muscalino, a former president of two US bath and bedding companies.

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Blog About Insignia Oceania » Oceania Cruise Line Insignia
Unlike any luxury suites at sea, Marina is the first ship to offer suites completely appointed from furniture and fabrics to lighting and bedding using the acclaimed Ralph Lauren Home collection. … In addition to the standard stateroom amenities, suite guests enjoy the added luxury of Champagne upon arrival, 1000-thread-count linens, 42” plasma TV, Hermes and Clarins bath amenities, butler service, and en-suite delivery from any of the ship’s restaurants. …

Jazz Oversized Queen Duvet Cover
Linensource is your best single source for bedding, bath and decorative accessories for your home. Everyone from the likes of Queen Victoria, Wagner, Mark Twain and many rock don’t use sheets but a fluffy down comforter with a …

Fluval Hose Brush
Fluval Hose Brush Brushes & Scrapers- Fluval,Fluval,Hagen,Fluval,Fluvaul,Flooval, Shop Bedding, Bath and Home Decor at Country Living Store (store. ) Hagen Fluval Hose Brush- Maintain, clean, and beautify your aquarium ’s hosing. …